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You have just invested in a lovely apartment, want to hunt for real quality furniture, affordable, to make your living space become beautiful, luxurious, modern and unique? Individual office people have the idea of ​​turning the room to work with wooden furniture to stimulate creativity but no less beautiful, personality. Come to INTERIOR 5C freely choose style, color variety. In particular, 5C has a young, dynamic consultant team that will surely make you satisfied.

5 reasons to choose 5C interior for your home

5C INTERIOR - GOOD WOOD GOOD THROUGH SON COUNTRY gives your home a unique, creative, new space. You like furniture but still afraid of the product quality, the cost should come to 5C.

· Designing according to customers' ideas and wishes. The product is designed by the 5C expert team based on ideas, suitable for the area, color of the room, your personality ... The room will become luxurious, unique, unique and creative. still suitable for money. 5C will give you a free consultation when you are freaking out about the furniture for a new house / apartment and will 'materialize' the design according to your requirements and wishes. We focus on making your work space safe, beautiful, creative and different.

· Always put quality of wood on top. With the desire to ensure quality, safety, beauty, durability, reasonable price, we only focus on industrial wood. More than 1000 products of the interior such as personal cabinets, study tables, TV shelves, wardrobe, tea tables, bookshelves, wooden wall shelves, dressing tables, ... with the commitment to the highest quality. We manufacture products right at the timber factory (located in Dan Phuong - Hanoi)

· Reputation is the most important. 5C owns a furniture factory with a team of skilled workers, without intermediaries. You can visit the workshop, choose the type of wood, commit to "real" wood products, not doped. With the reputation of many years of importing and supplying wood and furniture to many showrooms in the city, we are committed to selling "real" and "real" products.

· Warranty and after-sales: 5C serves the package from design to processing, product warranty. We free installation, shipping in Hanoi city, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance. The process of designing and closing products is done under close supervision, receiving feedback from customers and adjusting if necessary.

· Fast delivery: With a team of engineers working attentively, enthusiastically, constantly creative, rich in expertise, we commit that the product will satisfy you.

          Why should 5C's wooden furniture be closed than bought?

· If visiting the interior showroom, you are hard to choose because often the size is not uniform, not really suitable to the space you want Moreover, you still freak about the design, "cardboard tone" with the room to design.

· Placing furniture will help you choose the right size, choose the right color, and get advice on product design to cover the advantages, extra space, corners in the house while ensuring neatness. Neat, convenient and beautiful.

· Go directly to the timber workshop, you can choose the raw materials, quality control, the right type of wood you require without being mixed. You know the input materials, the factory to be assured of quality and prestige.
5C product quality

5C's products are committed to being beautiful, quality, designs are always new, competitive prices, but at the same time, we are committed to meeting our strict requirements as well as the standards. about the quality of the Brand's sustainability.

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1. Raw materials

Must be imported MDF wood very fine and solid wood code, bearing strength that is the basis for 5C production of goods.

2. Quality of paint

Use all G8 paint with the optimal color mixing formula to ensure the product is durable, beautiful.

3. Product principles

5C products must ensure that the basic principles are also the core to develop good product lines including: Good raw materials, guaranteed paint must be 4 layers (very carefully painted).

4. Attached accessories

5C products must be reinforced hanging position mounted by metal hanging ears, absolutely do not drill holes directly into the product to ensure sustainability.

5. Packing & Finishing

After careful inspection, the product is packed with accessories to take to the warehouse.

We hope this has ensured your product is sure to be as well as committed to distributing quality products to our Agents all over the territory of Vietnam.

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